Professional 18 Piece Bamboo Makeup Brush Set

Gelina Cosmetics

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Our Gelina Cosmetics Brushes are made from sustainably sourced bamboo and super soft vegan synthetic fibres. 

These are a perfect alternative if you don't want to contribute to the ever-growing plastic makeup industry. Incredibly soft, eco-friendly, and high-quality.

Affordable so they're perfect for those beginning their makeup journey, and the high quality makes them equally perfect for the conscious professional makeup artist.

The set includes:


Flat top contour brush

Oval foundation brush

Flat concealer brush

Flat fluffy concealer brush

Angled multi-use brush

Large Powder brush

Tapered finishing brush

Cheek/sculpt powder brush

Lip brush



Angled brow brush/spoolie

Flat fluffy blender

Pigment brush

Angled blender

Precision pencil

Precision crease

Medium fluffy pencil

Blending brushes x2


Note: The brushes come with a protective hygiene cover which is widely recyclable.