Professional 18 Piece Bamboo Makeup Brush Set

Gelina Cosmetics

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Introducing Gelina Cosmetics Makeup Brushes, crafted with care from sustainably sourced bamboo and adorned with luxuriously soft vegan synthetic fibres. Our brushes offer a perfect solution for those who seek an alternative to the ever-expanding plastic makeup industry.

Not only are they incredibly gentle on the skin, but they also embody our commitment to eco-friendliness. By opting for our brushes, you contribute to the preservation of our planet while enjoying the benefits of high-quality tools.

Designed to cater to various needs, our brushes are affordable, making them an ideal choice for makeup enthusiasts embarking on their beauty journey. Simultaneously, their exceptional craftsmanship and performance make them equally appealing to professional makeup artists who prioritise conscious choices without compromising on quality.

Join us in embracing sustainable beauty practices with Gelina Cosmetics Brushes. Experience the blend of affordability, superior quality, and environmental consciousness as you enhance your makeup routine.

The set includes:


1 - Large powder brush

2 - Cheek/sculpt powder brush

3 - Angled multi-use brush (cream, liquid, and powder products)

4 - Tapered finishing brush

5 - Oval foundation brush

6 - Flat top contour brush

7 - Flat concealer brush

8 - Precision oval brush

9 - Lip brush




10 - Angled brow brush/spoolie

11 - Fluffy concealer/eye primer brush 

12 - Small flat fluffy brush

13 - Pigment brush

14 & 15 -  Blending brushes

16 - Angled eyeshadow blending brush

17 - Medium fluffy pencil brush

18 - Precision pencil brush


Note: The brushes come with a protective hygiene cover which is widely recyclable.