Liquid Stardust - Lyra

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Experience the enchantment of our "Constellation" Liquid Eyeshadow range, where magic stardust comes alive at your fingertips. These unique multi-chrome shades are designed to transform before your eyes, revealing captivating hues that vary with the lighting and angle.

Unlock a world of possibilities by using them as eyeshadows or eyeliners, allowing your eye looks to transcend the ordinary and reach new dimensions of beauty. Rest assured that our "Constellation" Liquid Eyeshadows are formulated to provide long-lasting colour that remains vibrant throughout the day, without any worries of cracking or creasing.

Immerse yourself in the irresistible allure of our captivating shades, as they weave a spell of elegance and radiance. Please note that while they are safe for application on your lips, it is important to remember that they are not waterproof.

Let the "Constellation" Liquid Eyeshadow range ignite your creativity and bring forth an extraordinary sparkle to your makeup routine, leaving you mesmerised by their celestial beauty.

Lyra: Yellow / Gold / Light Green

Comes in 6 shades: The first colour listed is the leading colour that shifts with the other colours.