Northern Lights Eyeshadow palette

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The Northern Lights Eyeshadow Palette is a great addition to any makeup collection. The palette offers a variety of 18 matte shades, 6 shimmers, and 6 duo shift colours, providing endless possibilities for creating captivating looks. The fact that the eyeshadows are talc-free, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free is a great bonus for those looking for more natural and ethical makeup options.

The super-pigmented powders are incredibly soft and blendable, which is a great feature for makeup artists and creatives who need a product that is easy to work with. Additionally, the promise of no staining, creasing, or fall-out means that the eyeshadows will last all day, which is essential for anyone who wants their makeup to look flawless for an extended period.

And let's not forget about the packaging. It's not only recyclable but also designed to be slim and compact. Practicality meets style, making it an ideal choice for makeup artists on the move.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your makeup game with a palette that ticks all the boxes. Get yours now and experience the difference.


Cruelty free


Highly pigmented

Recyclable packaging