Eyebrow Pomade - Blonde

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Our nourishing waterproof Brow Pomade can be used to fill in and detail brows. Available in 6 shades: Ebony, Dark Brown, Soft Brown, Auburn, Blonde and Taupe.

Want perfect brows that last the day?

Easy to use and long-lasting, the pomade can be used to create bold and beautiful brows with the perfect arch, no matter what state your eyebrows are in.
Whether you’re stuck in a sudden downpour, sweating at the gym, vacationing in a hot and humid climate, or even swimming in the sea, you can be confident knowing your eyebrows won’t melt, run or smudge.

The creamy, almost mousse-like formula glides on and dries quickly holding each individual hair in place.
-          Vegan
-          Cruelty-free
-          Paraben-free
-          Nourishing
-          Waterproof
-          Smudge-proof